Ok first YAAAY 1 month anniversary (Luuuuuf Yuu)

Ok so I got the K-T album today <33 I love it xDD Though it sure is sad that Jin isn't in it.. But atleast he is on the bonus CD =D I kinda think the bonus CD beats the normal CD cuz finally I got the songs I love without screaming XDD

But now the strange part... So the Live of KAT-TUN - Real Face DVD got out... In the OVERTURE they got a few parts of 僕らの街で... Well if that's the case wasn't Jin's hiatus already set before the RF tour started... I mean if they already had BnMd then they should've had the whole single already done then. That means the reason Jin left stated by JE is false!! Because in the official press conference they said Jin decided to leave after the 24hour show... Wich was a few months AFTER the RF tour >.< OR there has to be a BnMd, WoL & Le ciel WITH Jin...

Endli9 also released a new album xP It was good but it wasn't great >.< Some tracks were just not good enough but the 僕らの音楽 was great so that makes it all good xD

Gappy B-day <3333 In 2 months xD

Ok so my B-day is in about 2 months now <333 BUT I had to order my cd's and dvd's already because of the limited editions and such xDDDD sooooo now I ordered my present from my mom wich were :

DBSK - All About 東方神起 (DVD)
DBSK - Rising Sun (CD)
DBSK - TRI-ANGLE (Chinese version XD) (CD)
東方神起 - Heart, Mind & Soul (CD)

And ofcourse I could choose a japan mini xD I took one from the Gintama collection <3 I got 土方十四郎 (Hijikata Toushirou)

But now I still could get a present from my mom's bf... NOW I BOUGHT THEM YESTERDAY XDDDD But this time not a DBSK load but a JE load <3333 ok 1 DBSK single xD

KAT-TUN - cartoon KAT-TUN II (CD+Bonus CD)
NEWS - 星をめざして (CD+DVD)
東方神起 - Begin (CD)

Soooooo that means the 2 leading Johnny Units <333 Well ok from the new generation xD I seriously can't wait for my b-day now <3 I'm getting a total of 7 CD's and 6 DVD's <333 HOW MUCH BETTER COULD IT GET XDDD MUCH XD cuz I'm still getting money from my other relatives so <33 but I'm going to use that money for the studio I'm building in my room XD

Me and my GF got 2 weeks <333 YAAY for us xD

Kisumai songs

Thnx to shatteredtenshi ^^ <3 i'm just using this to search for their mp3's XD i want all the kisumai mp3's there are *drool* xD


- Midnight Shuffle
- Kaze no Naka no Shounen
- Arano no Megalopolis
- Puzzle
- Sayonara no Jyounetsu
- Akabana no Tonakai
- Toushi Yoshikazu + Kis-My-Ft - Be Yourself!
- Kame+ A.B.C. + Kis-My-Ft2 - Julia
- A.B.C. + Kis-My-Ft2 - Taiyou ga Ippai
- KMF2,Toushi,A.B.C.,YamaP - Believe Your Smile


- Kis-My-Ft - Orochi Taiko
- Sennen no Love Song
- Winning Run
- Love You Only
- Endless Road
- puzzle
- U-wa U-wa
- Heart no Energy
- Oretachi ni Ashita ga Aru
- Try Again
- Kitayama Hiromitsu - Midnight Shuffle
- Hiro + Taipi + Yokoo - KI.SE.KI.
- Real Face
- Inori
- Senga Kento - Exit
- Kis-My-T2 - Inori
- Kitayama Hiromitsu - Deep in Your Heart
- Kis-My-T2 - Paradise Ginga
- Kis-My-T2 - Kis-My-Me-Mine
- Kis-My-T2 - Ready?
- Notti + Kis-My-Ft2 - One Day, One Dream
- Tegoshi Yuuya + Kis-My-Ft - Aisareru Yori Aishitai
- Kis-My-Ft2 + A.B.C. - A.RA.SHI.
- KMF2, A.B.C, Yabu, Shoon - Ashita ni Mukatte
- Fujigaya Taisuke + Tanaka Koki - Real 7
- B.A.D., Boys, Inou, Arioka, Taipi, Yokoo - Hoshikuzu no Spangle
- Kis-My-Ft2 + Golf + Mike - Venus
- Question? + Kitty - Keep on Runnin'
- Kitty - Fly High
- Kitty - Fever to Future
- Kitty - Yume Monogatari
- Kitty + Ya3 + A.B.C. - Fever to Future
- Kis-My-Ft2 + J.J.Express - Santa ga Machi ni Yattekuru


- Kis-My-Me-Mine(with TaiPi)
- Orange
- Taipi+Hiropi+Senga+Yokoo+Yonemura - Aki
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Takuuuuuu Solo Debuttttttttttttttt

Sooooo this wednesday my first Taku Solo Song.. Yeah no single yet DEMO VALENTINES DAY! My first Debut Single as Taku (多久) The name of the single´ll be in romanji : "KinKi Rabu Rabu" and in normal japanese “キンキラブラブ”

The Tracklisting´ll be :

01. SNOW!SNOW!SNOW! (KinKi Kids)
03. Deep in your heart (堂本光一(Domoto Koichi))
04. 夏模様(Natsumoyou) (KinKi Kids)

and maybe as an extra Bonus-Track :

05. Harmony of December (KinKi Kids)

It'll be a Only-Download Single because the songs are copyrighted by KinKi Kids so no profits will be made (And if you want to give money give it to a good cause)
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