djnarrow (djnarrow) wrote,


Ok first YAAAY 1 month anniversary (Luuuuuf Yuu)

Ok so I got the K-T album today <33 I love it xDD Though it sure is sad that Jin isn't in it.. But atleast he is on the bonus CD =D I kinda think the bonus CD beats the normal CD cuz finally I got the songs I love without screaming XDD

But now the strange part... So the Live of KAT-TUN - Real Face DVD got out... In the OVERTURE they got a few parts of 僕らの街で... Well if that's the case wasn't Jin's hiatus already set before the RF tour started... I mean if they already had BnMd then they should've had the whole single already done then. That means the reason Jin left stated by JE is false!! Because in the official press conference they said Jin decided to leave after the 24hour show... Wich was a few months AFTER the RF tour >.< OR there has to be a BnMd, WoL & Le ciel WITH Jin...

Endli9 also released a new album xP It was good but it wasn't great >.< Some tracks were just not good enough but the 僕らの音楽 was great so that makes it all good xD
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